Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Fast Metabolism Diet Struggle in Phase 2

While you're feeling fabulous on phase 1 and 3, a lot of the fast metabolism dieters are struggling in Phase 2 in the fast metabolism diet program. 

the fast metabolism diet phase 2

Why do we feel some aches, pains, flu-like symptoms, or simply, this phase certainly drains our energy out? Here are the main reasons why you're feeling all of these.
1. Your body is undergoing through detoxification and releasing those fats and a lot of toxins.
Your body releases all of your historical fats, those long deposited toxins out of your body. When all of these fats and toxins is released into your bloodstream, your liver and bowels are working hard to eliminate them in your body. It's important to support these organs to function very well. By supporting these organs it can help you ease the symptoms you are experiencing. Follow these guidelines to support your organs to function very well.
> Eat tons of alkaline veggies
If you had noticed in this phase it is pure of veggies it's because these alkalizing veggies helps your body to have the necessary nutrients needed in releasing those toxins and eliminating them in your body.
> Milk thistle tea
It can help your liver to better process fat soluble toxins. Alvita Milk Thistle tea is a great tea to drink in this phase.
> Chlorella
It helps absorb toxins in the GI tract and let them pass easier. It's recommended to look for a brand that is soy, wheat or corn free. You can have the Sun Chlorella brand.
> Bentonite clay
It helps to bind toxins and act likes a mop in your GI tract.
2. Your micronutrient balance is off
Because of the meal map on phase 2, your micronutrient is limited than the other phase. That's why it is really important to eat alkalizing veggies to balance out the acidity of anial protein. Here are the things you can do to balance your micronutrients.
> Eat lots of lemon and lime
> Take Broad multivitamins
You can take Haylie's My Metabolism Ready to help smooth out the bumps and fill the micronutrients you're not getting enough.
> Take a potassium supplement
It can balance your electrolytes and support pH balance

Don't give us the Phase 2 just because you're not feeling well. It will just last in 2 days, you can do it! Just think that you're experiencing this because your body is undergoing an awesome transformation. It detoxifies and cleanses your body and help your metabolism to be on fire! In order to live a healthy life, we should clean our body first with Phase 2! 

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