Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Exciting News from The Fast Metabolism Diet Community!

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Hello FMDieters! Time for a revamped! We're glad that along with our advocacy to lose weight naturally, our community has also expanded. A lot of contributions have been received from you for the last few months and we hear you! So here we are, getting immensely excited to announce that we made something bigger for you.

Introducing our new website -thefastmetabolismdietcommunity.com

Growing numbers of followers mean bigger responsibilities, this has made us decide to get a new website so we can better serve you. We've lose weight but we GAINED friends in the process. The community has taken us to a greater heights! Healthy lifestyle plus strong support from fellow dieters --- how fulfilling is that?

We look forward to get the same support from you and vice versa. 
See you around!

About the website:The new website has better feature and involves fresh FMD recipes in every phase, life changing series from our co-FMDieters, FMD forum and more

Take me to the new website now!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Healthy Halloween Trick and Treat Tips for your Children

Healthy Halloween Trick and Treat Tips for your Children

Halloween party is just a couple of days away! Are you done preparing your spooky costumes for the upcoming Trick and Treat party? More importantly, are you and your kids ready for the sweets overload?
To help you navigate through the holiday with ease, we compiled these healthy Halloween tips for you and your children to recover your curb from sweet tooth and Halloween candy hangover

Tips on How to Handle your Hunger Management

Tips on How to Handle your Hunger Management

It is no doubt that the Fast Metabolism Diet program is designed strategically to have 3 meals and 2 snacks per day to keep us full. Yet some of our challenged fast metabolism dieters find themselves easily get hungry. How can we stop being hungry and manage our cravings? Here are the tips you can apply to manage your hunger properly.

IARC’s Study Shows Health Risks on Red Meat Consumption

IARCs Study Shows Health Risks on Red Meat Consumption

Several health organizations and fitness enthusiasts are in hype when this Study about Red and processed meats from WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer was released. What was your opinion upon hearing the news? The community would love to hear your thoughts.

5 Stunning Health Benefits of Drinking Water

5 Stunning Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Good morning fellow dieters! Start your day with a refreshed mind and remind yourself with the goal of losing the extra pounds. Don't forget to drink lots of water! Here's why water is an important element not just in losing weight but also for overall health.

Top 5 Dieting Mistakes You Commit in Losing Weight

Top 5 Dieting Mistakes You Commit in Weight Loss

I think one of the factors why you fail in achieving your weight loss goals is the way you think. Ignorance can beat you, so seek advice from experts, be aware and learn from your mistakes, change the belief and make up your mind. Here are 5 examples of diet mistakes that you need to correct now.

5 Healthy Food Guide Tips Within Budget

5 healthy food guide tips within budget

In fast metabolism diet, it is highly recommended to patronize organic foods and meat products because of but most of us are hesitant to do so for a fact that organic products are costly. Some of our dieters are not ready to go full organic yet because of financial constraints. How can we ensure that we’re getting the best weight loss results without going full organic? Here are the 5 guide tips that will help you stay within your budget while living the dream of staying healthy and losing weight