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How the Fast Metabolism Diet Community Helps Me In Losing Weight

The Fast Metabolism Diet community was established for the purpose of helping people who are going through the fast metabolism diet program. This community offers various tips, advice, recipes, and any current news that may be of beneficial to you while you are in this diet program. It aims to help people who are struggling with their diet. Not only we do give tips and advice but you, my friend, can also share your whole fast metabolism diet experience as you go through the program. You can also share tips, advices, new recipes, or other things you've discovered as you go along the program. Together, hand in hand, we'll help one another heal our metabolism, live a healthier lifestyle, lose the extra pounds and enjoy the beauty of life. 

About the Fast Metabolism Diet
Dr. Haylie Pomroy, the founder of the Fast Metabolism Diet is a celebrity nutritionist and a wellness consultant. She graduated in Colorado State University with a BS degree in Animal Science.  She became a Registered Wellness Consultant in 1995, specializing in holistic health, nutrition, exercise, and stress management.  She seated as the director of the academy in Ft. Collins, Colorado for four years and received her level II certifications from IABP. Following her ‘food as a medicine philosophy’, she led the development of The Fast Metabolism Diet, a book consists of strategies to improve health and manage health challenges and reach ideal health while enjoying real food. The Fast Metabolism Diet was a successful diet program because unlike the traditional chronic dieting, the fast metabolism diet focuses on healing your metabolism. You’re going to have an eating rotation throughout each week according to a simple and proven plan carefully designed to induce physiological changes that will set your metabolism on fire.

Success Stories about the Fast Metabolism Diet.

The following are the testimonials of the success stories of some of Haylie’s clients:

“I’m not going to pass on my legacy of obesity to my daughters”
-         Denise T once said that sugar was her drug. Her eating habits consist of coffee with cream, doughnuts, fast food, canned goods, with very few amounts of fruits and vegetables. But then after two weeks of taking the program she lost 12 pounds and felt great about it.

“I never knew I felt so bad until I started feeling so good.”
-         In addition to her osteoarthritis, Donna K. couldn’t get rid of her extra 20 pounds no matter what she does. But after taking the diet she dropped 17 pounds and her arthritis was gone. She hadn’t felt good in a long time if not for the Fast Metabolism Diet.

With your healed metabolism, you get to eat all you want without having fear of gaining weight again! Some of the famous celebrities who underwent the fast metabolism diet program are Jennifer Lopez, LL Cool J, Reese Witherspoon, Cher, Raquel Welch and Robert Downey Jr.

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