Thursday, September 4, 2014

Why Coffee isn't recommended in The Fast Metabolism Diet

Coffee is not recommended as it increases up your stress level and stressed up your adrenal glands. 

We all know that this topic in The Fast Metabolism Diet is a sensitive one. Almost all people loved drinking coffee. We are all used to the idea that coffee is good for our health. We know that coffee has antioxidants that is good four our health. Because of this conflicting facts we often wondered why coffee isn't recommended to take in as you undergo the fast metabolism diet program.
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The thing is, coffee is a stimulant and can trigger temporary physiological reactions. It can make you feel jittery, alert, or relaxed. Our body releases extra amount of adrenaline, and other hormones that is responsible of our physiological reactions. In response to this hormonal imbalance our body releases extra hormones to balance it out. This artificial cycle of stimulant and hormonal response pushes our body into stressful state. As our body is doing unnecessary activity other than focusing on healing our metabolism. Thus, drinking coffee is doing a great way to screw up our metabolism. Drinking coffee defeats the purpose of the program, as caffeine hinders our efforts in metabolic repair.

In addition, drinking decaffeinated coffee will not let you escape from caffeine. Decaffeinated coffee usually contains 13 to 37 percent of caffeine.  For those who can't certainly give up coffee and insists on drinking one, your best bet would be the organic decaffeinated coffee, just remember that you're still getting a dose of adrenal-stressing coffee. If you are drinking one, please drink it after you eat your breakfast. But it would be the best if you could stop and give up drinking coffee or anything that has caffeine (e.g. black tea, green tea, white tea) as these are the best metabolism killer . Here are some tips to help you in dealing with caffeine withdrawal:
1. Add cinnamon to your morning smoothie.
2. Feverfew, an herb that can help with withdrawal headaches
3. Gingko biloba, which is vaso-dilating and can also help with those headaches

We all know it is really hard to give up coffee, but you can absolutely do it, for our metabolism to be fully healed and to live a healthier lifestyle. What are your thoughts about it? Do comment us your coffee withdrawal experience.


  1. When I first started FMD I was drinking 5 cups a day, we have a keurig machine at work and the coffee is endless! I was determined to quit caffeine so I picked Monday to stop - I had the worse withdrawls, leg cramps, headaches, but I would not give in and after 1 week, my withdrawls were gone! Needless to say I will NEVER go back to drinking coffee because I NEVER want to deal with that again! I started drinking PERO which to me, is a great non caffeine alternative - especially iced and with stevia! So hang in there and remember if you think you cant do it, give yourself a little push and patience and you will succeed!!

    1. It's good to know you had coped up with the harsh symptoms of caffeine withdrawal. And you're leaving coffee for good. It can really improve your metabolic repair without coffee.

  2. I had drank coffee most of my adult life and tired to quite a few times. The first couple days on the FMD were difficult without coffee and I wish I had weaned myself a little. I toughed it out.

    Additionally, a few months later and missing 24 pounds I rethought about this habit. I had replaced coffee with tea and did not miss the sluggish feeling I used to get before and after my coffees. So 6 months later, and the same trim size, I still don't do coffee. I drank about a 1/2 cup of coffee with a friend one day and had a screaming headache for a couple of hours later. If addicting and a habit, it tastes great but so do many other foods and drinks. Best wishes

  3. I am starting week 4 of FMD and I adopted all the rules 100%. Before FMD, I drank about two cups a day and regularly treated myself to a Starbucks vanilla latte. After my 28 days, that is probably something I won't go back quitting smoking was for me 20+ years ago. Thanks for better health!