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Breaking Weight Plateaus in The Fast Metabolism Diet!

Breaking Weight Plateaus in The Fast Metabolism Diet!

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Now that you've started the fast metabolism diet, you were enthralled of the amazing changes the diet brought to your body. In the first few weeks you had lost weight, you're sleeping better, and the horrible symptoms of your sugar and caffeine withdrawal was finally gone! But what happens when your metabolism suddenly got struck? After two weeks or so, the needle of the scale isn't moving anymore. That really sounds frustrating isn't it? But hey! Don't stressed yourself up and get frustrated! We wouldn't want to jeopardize your fast metabolism diet program! Before you sulk yourself in the corner and chose to give everything up, we are on the rescue to help you! While we already posted strategies on overcoming slow weight problems, we know that you needed extra help in overcoming the weight plateaus (due to the years of chronic dieting and unhealthy lifestyle). To help you in getting over a weight plateau, here's what you can do!
1. Extend a Phase
As you go on the fast metabolism diet journey, know what phase you tend to lose more weight and where you're at the best condition. Example is, if you tend to lose more weight in Phase 2, you can extend this Phase to three days. So your meal map would be, 2 days of Phase 1, three days for Phase 2 and 2 days for Phase 3.  You can switch up the number of days of the Phase (as long as it is 2- 2 -3 ) and you can repeat this up to two weeks in a row.
2. Shift your grains
If you are having a hard time in whole grains, you can shift to grains with low carbs. Quinoa is the recommended grain to switch if you've been eating brown rice. If you've been eating quinoa, try switching to wild rice. If you still think grains gives you more trouble, try swapping a starchy vegetable for a grain in some meals. Example for this is instead of eating a quinoa with your steak, replace it with a sweet potato.
3. Blend some strategic vegetables.
Sometimes even though we're eating healthy and nutritious foods most of us don't chew our food enough for easier digestion. Blending or pureeing your vegetables can help activate enzymes in the foods that help break down nutrients. Veggies like cucumber, radish, daikon radish, spinach and kale are good vegetables to blend and puree. Remember to add basil as this veggie is really a good plateau-buster.
4. Try cabbage tea
Cabbage, when boiled releases enzymes to the water and help to activate the production of bile to process fats. Boil 1/2 head of cabbage in water for about 30 minutes. You can drink the water (warm or chilled) as a tonic. Cabbage tea is also effective as a mild sleep aid. Try drinking 1/2 cup of cabbage tea before going to bed.
5. Pucker up
Lemons also aid in digestion and efficiently process proteins and nutrients. the peel of a lemon contains more nutrients than its juice, and it's known for its ability to activate your gastric juice to stimulate digestion. With a vegetable peeler, peel the strips of the rind and add to glass jar or container. Add boiling water to cover and let it steep for about 5 minutes. Meanwhile, juice the lemon. Strain the water into the cup and add the lemon juice. You can enjoy your lemon juice either hot or iced.
Here is an easy, unique and delicious way to mix up your foods and flood the body with a rainbow of fast metabolism phytonutrients. Use this as part of breakfast, lunch or as one of your fruit snacks on Phase 1.
Belly Flat Salad
Serves 1, Phase 1
1/4 cup lime juice
1/4 cup diced cucumber
1 cup diced papaya
1 teaspoon fresh cilantro
Mix all ingredients together and enjoy.
Weight plateaus are normal and natural in the cycle of weight loss and metabolism. So don't panic and get frustrated if you aren't losing weight after a few days. Follow these tips to keep you on the right track and overcome the weight plateau. Most of all, don't forget that the fast metabolism diet program is a 28 day program. It took that long to heal your metabolism. So stay positive and just keep on moving forward until you completed the fast metabolism diet program!

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