Thursday, July 31, 2014

Slow Weight Loss Problems While on the Fast Metabolism Diet? Here’s Why and How to Beat it!

fast metabolism diet

A lot of people have been concerned about one common issue and that is about losing an amount of weight on earlier days of the Fast Metabolism Diet but then loses almost nothing for the remaining days. Some even gained more than what they lose. And some have undergone up and down since then. Are you experiencing this too? You guys need some extra help to address this dilemma.

Let me ask you this question first, are you eating the same few meals over and over, everyday? Remember, “Confuse it to lose it”. Get out from your everyday routine and try some new exciting variations yet still on track with your fast metabolism diet.

fast metabolism diet
  • Fruits – What fruits are you eating during Phase 1? Is it the same apple or the same orange? Come on, there are still many variations on the list with many different nutrients. Try some guava, or papaya, melon or strawberry. You may also add lime juice to your fruit. Here is the full list of The Fast Metabolism Diet fruits for Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3.
  • Vegetables – Same with fruits, veggies also have different nutrients that your body needs. Try not to eat the same vegetables twice during the day. There are also a lot of vegetables found in each phase so try to eat something new. Try cucumbers, which helps smoothen your cellulites. Here’s one great for easing constipation, jicama which has lots of fiber and water.
  • Fish – Try smoked salmon and cucumbers instead of chicken for dinner and beef jerky snacks on Phase 2. Don’t forget fish for dinner! Fish that are delicious and easy to cook includes Cod, flounder and Halibut. Halibut is great on grill too. Be experimental and try something new!
  • Workouts – Try doing your cardio exercise during afternoon. Try different weight routine in your favorite gym like kettle bells or resistance bands. And don’t forget dry brushing during Phase 3, it is a simple yet amazing detox tool.
  •  Check-up – Read your FMD book again. Review about the three phases and four weeks again. Check yourself, have you been eating 30 min after waking? Are you following the correct foods to eat during each phase? Lots of the followers realized their own mistakes after re-reading the book. Some of their mistakes are not eating the proper fruits, veggies and meals during each phase.

Please don’t get discouraged now! If you haven’t lost quite of your weight, focus on how your body feels – and on the wonderful nutrients you gained from what you have been eating. Have you been sleeping better now? Did you notice great effects on your skin? How about your hair, does it become stronger and shinier? Check your mood, is it more stable? Weight loss is just another wonderful effect of The Fast Metabolism Diet but the most important is you’re restraining your body to extract more nutrients more efficiently.

So don’t stop now! Especially if you are not yet done with the 28-days to reboot and renew. Your body isn’t done repairing you yet. There are still many things you will experience within that 28 days so don’t quit!

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