Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Fast Metabolism Diet 911

Many of us have been experiencing some emergency in our fast metabolism diet program. Some took it too fast and begin to veer off the road. No need to worry, we are here to help you up a bit with some common help tips to assist you to keep track again. This is the Fast Metabolism Diet 911 and from its title itself, it is for emergencies only, not a way to cheat ourselves from the fmd program.

The Fast Metabolism Diet 911,

Emergency # 1:  I am stuck and can’t find anything phase-specific to eat
Try to get your hands on some protein foods like hard boiled eggs, or cans of tuna. There are many easy-to-find protein foods out there. Protein is the least likely to be stored as fat and the most likely to preserve the muscle from being cannibalized. Then you may get back to your phase-specific rhythm.

Emergency # 2: I left the house and skipped breakfast
If you skipped your breakfast, do not worry. Take a deep breath to lower cortisol output, then get food ASAP. If you want to make up for the lost time, make sure it includes vegetable. Stick to your regular schedule during the day, and at the night, prepare and set out your breakfast for the next morning to prevent it from happening again.

Emergency # 3: I can’t find the time to make my workouts or I am injured and can’t exercise
You can have success on this diet without working out but doing some exercise makes huge difference. In phase 1, do anything that elevates your heart. In phase 2, if you broke your left arm, use your right arm. Doing bicep curls with one arm counts. In phase 3, you can do a deep breathe while you lay in bed at night.

Emergency # 4: A drink fell in my mouth and in the shock of it all I swallowed it … Twice!
Drink an additional of 8 ounces of water for each alcoholic indiscretion and the next day focus on potassium-rich foods such as cucumbers, basil, parsley, and cilantro.

Emergency # 5: I just wasn’t hungry so I skipped my snack
You must eat, do not wait to get hungry. Eat every 3-4 hours. Also, do not overeat. Instead, finish your snack and add another snack one hour later. This will stretch out the food delivery to the bloodstream and reduce your risk for fat storage.

Emergency # 6: I started the diet and had to stop before finishing the 28 days – can I give it another try?
Yes, this diet will always be here for you, and healthy, metabolism-enhancing eating at any time can promote healing and health in your body.

That’s how The Fast Metabolism Diet works. You learn it, you live it, you love it, and you never go back. Food is the most worthy of medicines, so keep the energy of the last few weeks and go out and live.

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