Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Fast Metabolism Diet Phase 1 : Cardio Exercise

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Why Cardio Exercise is recommended for fast metabolism phase 1?

This one's a very good question isn't it? Why cardio exercise not in phase 2 or phase 3? What would be the explanation behind it? First things first, let's look at the meal map.  In the Phase 1 meal map you'll notice that it is full of carbs. Carbs are obtained from natural sugars found in fruits and grains we ate in this phase. While these are very delicious and full-filling foods to eat, you also build up a lot of fuel to convert it to energy. Hence, cardio exercise is needed to use those fuels to burn your fat!

The benefits of cardio exercise in phase 1.

Aside that the cardio exercise is good for the heart, there are some other benefits you could find in having this exercise that is also needed in phase 1.
1.  It regulates blood sugar
    • It helps to keep your blood sugar under control for the adrenals to trigger the release of hormones to burn fat
2. It boosts endorphins and catecholamines
    •  Doing cardio activities helps the release of endorphin hormones and it primes your body to let go of the fat instead of storing it.
3. It burns fat
    • Not only it burns fat but it gives your body a chance to put stored energy into work. The rest of the fuel you burn comes from fat. Since we’re not taking any fat in this phase, it gets from the fat stored in our body.
Before you start your cardio exercise, always remember to eat a fruit snack 30 to 45 minutes so that your fuel tank is topped up. This will also ensure that it can get enough fuel to burn before you engage in cardio exercise. For people who don’t want to do running, here is an alternative workout you can do. You can try the bikini butt program. This is good since most of the fats are stored in our hips, buttocks or lower body. Concentrating on burning the fat in these areas can fasten our goal to lose weight. Enjoy exercising in phase 1!

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