Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Fast Metabolism Diet Survival Tips In Attending Events.

fast metabolism diet survival tips in attending events

My fast metabolism program is done, what now?

Now that you're done with the fast metabolism diet program and living a healthy life, you find yourself happier and fitter than before. It boosts your confidence and now you are ready to show yourself in the world. But sometimes, with this kind of happiness we can't help but feel anxious and stress especially when the inevitable happens- attending events. Eating food is inevitable and we are afraid to get back to what we were before. What if I blow up? What if I'll gain more weight again?

Don't stress up! Remember what you learn during your fast metabolism program

Now we certainly can't have that! All the resources, knowledge you learned in fast metabolism program can come with you, through parties and events.  Remember not to stress yor body because it will signal your hormones to store fat in your body! You have to remember that you are now facing these events as a new person. We've already repaired your metabolism to keep it in fire to digest almost anything you eat. Most of all, food is your friend now! But if you're still worried about it, then here are the secret survival tips to minimize the damage when you know you're going to splurge.

Splurge Secret #1: The Big Dinner
1. Eat 10 to 15 grams of protein every two hours throughout the day.
- Eat like its phase 2, low glycemic, lots of vegetables especially protein which is easily absorbed. The'll be primed and pumped anything you shovel in.
2.  Get really excited about the event!
- as what was mentioned above, don't stressed up! Be excited! Look forward to the event! This will convince your body that there is no emergency and has no reason to stockpile fat. When you're at the party, your body will be having it's very own fat-burning party!

Splurge Secret #2 : The Sugar Binge
1. Eat natural sugars all day, have fruit at breakfast and fruit with lunch.
- Your body gets nicely and comfortably settled in to an elevated but stable blood sugar level.
2. Change all your snacks to protein only.
-This wil stabilize your metabolism and prep it to handle any garbage you put in.
3. Have Good Fats for dinner
- The fat will slow the rate of sugar delivery.
4. Enjoy Yourself
- Go to the party and whoop it up while you're eating that chocolate truffle torte. Then go dancing, relish it, don't you dare feel guilty!

Splurge Secret #3: Boozing it up
1. Have an organic, sulfire-free wine seems to have the least effect on liver function.
- If you are a wine conoisseur, you might want to explore your organic options.
2. If you really want a cocktail, go for the top-shelf liquors
- For they are cleaner, with fewer chemicals and fake ingredients for the liver to process.
3. Always drink 8 ounces of water every drink
- this will help your body compensate.
4. Don't drink alcohol alone
- balance alcohol with a fairly heavy animal protein like chicken, turkey, beef, fish.
5. Do not have alcohol in the morning

Now that you know the secret tips, worry no more and enjoy the party! Love what you eat!

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