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Tips to keep on track on The Fast Metabolism Diet

Tips to keep on track on The Fast Metabolism Diet

As we go on in our fast metabolism diet journey, 

we already noticed the changes on our body. We're losing weight, we're feeling good, we're sleeping better, and we've overcome the horrible symptoms of sugar and caffeine withdrawal. We're slowly adapting our body into a healthy lifestyle. But sometimes, no matter how dedicated we are, there is always that little devil that provokes us in going off track. Temptations are everywhere, ever experienced drooling over a delicious hamburger and a cool-drenching soft drinks? That's called self-sabotage.
The little devil is telling us that "It's okay to eat the food. Go ahead. It's delicious, I am craving for it." For those who are struggling against this nasty little evil, your angel will be on the rescue. Here are the tips you can use to deal and save yourself from self-sabotage.
1. Change up your start day
Most festivities happened in weekends and this is where temptation is in a high risk. With your colleagues and friends visiting in your home, or if you decided to have an outdoor activities with your friends it is hard to avoid these delicious foods. And with Phase 3 hitting on weekends, we can easily be overwhelmed and tend to cheat, because of the free choices of foods and feast we eat during this phase. Instead of starting Phase 1 on Monday and have Phase 3 on weekends, you can change your week map to control yourself and get on track. Start Phase 1 on Wednesday instead. This way your Phase 2 will fall on weekends. Your food choices in this phase are more narrow than the free and heaven food choices we got on Phase 3.
2. Jot down notes and plan ahead
It's important to write your meal map in advance in the upcoming week. It will keep you on track on what your meal map for the upcoming week and your brain will be expecting these meals for you to eat. You can also write down how you felt every time you eat. This will help you track when do you actually feel tempted to get off track. Let's take for example, most fast metabolism dieters often despise Phase 2, in this phase do you actually had the highest tendency to give in temptation? If yes, you can change your recipe you had for this phase the next week and see if there's an improvement or the craving still persists.
3. Take it 10 days at a time
If you find yourself consistently getting off track, maybe the four week program is too long for you. Try to have the diet in a 10-day time frame. Have 3 days of Phase 3 as your starting cycle, 2 days of Phase 1 and 2, then go back to the remaining three days to Phase 3. After this give yourself a four day off. But it doesn't mean that during the four day off, you will go completely off track. You can still use the tools to keep your metabolism on track. You're just allowing your body to have some freedom from all the Phases. Since you're taking long days in Phase 3, your body should be satisfied and happy with the food your eating. After the four day off, head back into another 10 days again, starting with Phase 3.
4. Have someone to support you
Adjusting in healthy lifestyle and healing our metabolism is really hard especially if we became accustomed into indulging ourselves with poor, unhealthy lifestyle. You can find a buddy, or join our other fast metabolism dieters for extra help. Do the fast metabolism diet with them, in this way you can monitor each other and give advice to keep on track.

You can also mix up your food on the diet and mix up your schedule to see what's the best for you. It can keep your mind active and interested for the new adventures you go on in the fast metabolism diet program, and most of all, keep your metabolism on fire.

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