Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Finding the Right Weight-Loss Goal in the Fast Metabolism Diet

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When you started the fast metabolism diet program, you were asked what your ideal weight to lose is. Some of you might say, “Oh, that’s easy! I want to lose __ pounds.”  But have you ever wondered how to find the ideal weight loss for you? The ideal weight loss wherein you would be able to accomplish it within your desired timeframe... Where you would enjoy your journey throughout the whole fast metabolism program... The ideal weight loss where you won’t feel frustrated because you weren’t able to obtain it at the end of the program... And most of all the ideal weight loss where you were living a healthy, happy and contented life...

As you can see, the weight loss in the fast metabolism diet not only deals with the number of pounds you lose, but most of all it deals with the ideal weight loss where your life will become easier, healthier and happier. It’s important to know what your ideal weight loss is. Your ideal weight loss that is realistic, certainly doesn’t stress you out.

Guidelines in finding the right weight loss goal

1.       When did you feel the best?
Ask yourself when you felt the best moment while doing what you enjoyed the most. Was it when you run a mile or two with ease? When you played soccer with your colleagues and keep up for several hours? When you shopped the entire boutique and tried several beautiful dresses that fit your body perfectly? If so, what was your weight then? The answer to that question will serve as your ideal weight-loss goal then. Your weight in that “best moment” of yours made you happier, healthier, and energetic than ever before.

2.       If you have a lot to lose, start with losing 5-10% of your weight
If you have much weight to lose, you will have to take a long road ahead of you. But that’s no reason for you to be discouraged. You can start with smaller things, and eventually, will lead into bigger ones. Start your weight-loss goal with 10% of your body weight. Example for that is if you weighed 250 pounds, set your initial weight loss goal into 25 pounds. In this way you won’t feel the pressure or stress as you go on the fast metabolism diet journey. Be motivated and keep on engaging the program until you’ve reached your ultimate weight-loss goal. Read the tips to keep motivated as you go on the fast metabolism diet program.

3.       When you’re so close in your goal, reassess
There is nothing more frustrating than to know you weren’t able to lose the last 3, or even 1 pound to your ideal weight. Well, who wouldn’t? If you wanted to weigh 100 pounds at the end of the program yet you actually weighed 103 pounds, I bet anyone would really be annoyed or frustrated with that. So close, yet you didn’t able to reach it. Your initial reaction is certainly acceptable, but before you indulged yourself in self-loathing, frustrations and possibly depression (And we don’t want that!) Reassess yourself first. What is the improvement the weight loss did to your life? Are you feeling better and healthier than before? Are you sleeping better? Is your skin glower than before? If your weight loss improved your life for the better, does the last 3 pound really matter? Probably not. At this point, you’ve actually reached the ideal weight loss for you.

As you see, weight loss is not just the number of pounds you lose. Like DIET, we have a different definition of weight loss now. Forget about those numbers, we’re not doing Math in this diet! We want you to have an ideal weight that will improve your self-esteem, makes you healthier and happier in life. 

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