Sunday, August 24, 2014

Your Life after the Fast Metabolism Diet Program.

fast metabolism diet

After I finish the fast metabolism diet program, where do I go now?

I bet you already asked yourself this question, haven't you? You might be wondering where you go now, what directions you will be taking after the program. With completing the program, you might be excited or anxious on what to do next. But ease your worries; the fast metabolism diet program doesn't just end with the 28 day cycle. Remember that the fast metabolism diet program’s main goal is, to get your metabolism on fire. This program will guide you for a lifetime.  

Remember that before you even started this program, you already set your goals. You had set what will be your target or goal weight at the end of the program. Now that you’ve already completed the program, ask yourself: Did you achieve your goal? Did you achieve your goal weight? If yes, Congratulations! You may skip this part and proceed to the next section! If not, you can add a week or two, or go in several 28-day cycles. Or you can take a little break and start again. It all depends on you. The important thing is you keep healing and keeping your metabolism on fire until you reached your goal weight!

If you had reached your goal weight, you can choose from the following strategies that will serve as your Phase 4 of the program.

1. Modified Phase 3
            - Eat like you’re in the Phase 3 but you may include any or all of the food lists for any phase that you wished to eat. Example for this is you may keep eating grains for breakfast and dinner, but not lunch. This is because we want your body to burn foods that are harder to digest like protein and fats. Instead, eat fruits during breakfast and lunch. Keep eating your two snacks per day and keep on exercising. You can also add some desserts during your workout.

2.  Keep doing the phases with modifications.
            You can stick to the three phases you've undergone. But now you can cook with healthy oils in any phase. You can add oil in a salad dressing for Phase 1. In Phase 2 you can now add oil in cooking and so as Phase 3.

3. Stick to the fast metabolism diet longer
            If you want it to be simple and somewhat afraid to make a change for fear of “getting off from the diet” you can just stick to the 28 day cycle and repeat it for a week, two weeks or a month.

What about foods that weren't on the diet? Can I eat them now?
            You can now eat those foods back into your life but make sure that it is organic and cleanest possible choices of food. No fake foods, no fake sweeteners, colors or chemicals!  Example for this food is dairy. Dairy products and cheese from goat or sheep’s milk is preferable than cow’s milk as they are easier to digest. You can also try alternative flours for baking that aren’t wheat based. If possible, eliminate caffeine in your life. Caffeine stresses your adrenal glands and screw up your metabolism. For other foods, limit your use of packaged foods and make sure to check the ingredients list first. Focus on eating real food.

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